Since inception, significant changes have occurred in the organization. A small organization, which began with a few volunteers, has grown into an institution that has over 162 full-time employees and several hundred community volunteers. The projects of IFB has gained national and international recognition and helped to indicate our commitment to eradicate preventable disability from rural Bangladesh. IFB takes its commitment to the disabled poor extremely seriously and recognizes that the disabled have an important role to play in their community's development.


It is not always fully recognized that prevention of disablement is intrinsically related with general improvements of the living conditions of the poor. Including health care, improvement in education, employment and income levels, physical and social environment, gender equality and grassroots democracy are needed to truly tackle poverty and the causes of disability.

IFB is fully committed to the Vision of a Bangladesh free from disability and poverty. It feels that it is extremely relevant and appropriate to continue with this vision to change people's lives through prevention of disability.

Vision : A Bangladeshi Society free from disability and poverty where people are able to fully realize the potentialities of their lives.

The mission of IFB is essentially a holistic approach aimed at improving the living conditions of disadvantaged people and communities by preventing disability. The aim of IFB is to prevent and reduce the causes of disability and thereby help reduce poverty through sustainable efforts at the community and national levels.

Experts on disability frequently emphasize on the need and importance of preventive interventions not only because of its effectiveness in reducing the occurrence of disability but also the reduced cost of such actions. The cost of preventive efforts is substantially lower and thus cost-effectiveness favors the prevention approach. Therefore, the current situation and needs require IFB to further sharpen its focus on prevention of disability.

Mission : IFB's Mission is to Prevent Disability, as an effective means for achieving the goals of Poverty Alleviation.

A Board of Trustees governs IFB. The Chairman of the board is Mr. Anwarul Amin, a renowned banker. The members are Dr. Rezaul Haque, Former Team Leader, Democracy and Education Team, US Agency for International Development, US Embassy, Dhaka, Mr. Monsur Ahmed Chowdhury, Member, UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD),   Mr. Enam Ahmed Chaudhury, Former Secretary, The Government of Bangladesh, Mr. Md. Mahbub Alam, Chairman, B.S. Group.

 IFB employs 226 full-time staff for its overall operations. Most of the staff are field based in the IFB projects. The IFB organizational structure involves a small head office located in Dhaka headed by its Director Dr. Hasib Mahmud with three interdependent departments; Finance, Administration and Programme. The Director and Senior Programme Advisor supervise all operational activities of IFB from the Dhaka head office. Dr. Rezaul Haque, Trustee, IFB provides regular guidance to the organization.The field offices in Chuadanga, Meherpur and Impact "Jibon Tari" are led by the Programme Administrators.

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